**UPDATED** Our Campsite

Hello All,

I’m reaching out to everyone who’d expressed interest in camping with the group this weekend.  I called to confirm our reservation for the group camp area (which couldn’t be made online to begin with and apparently wasn’t made via phone when I called on 5/25 and gave my contact and credit card information), and I was told they had no paperwork for our reservation.
So they gave our original reservation away to a different group!  But, they’ve re-accommodated us at two non-electric campsites (184-185), and I’ve been guaranteed that they’ll be expecting us when we check in Saturday morning.  So we’re losing out on our own bathrooms and drinking fountain, but it looks like we’ll still be in a nice location.  I’m sending along the updated map for everyone to find our campsites.  I’m so sorry to have to change our location.
Eight of us are confirmed to camp overnight (there’s still time for more to sign up!), and several are considering coming out for the day or for Mass and dinner, so please let me know if you have any difficulty finding our group or want to join my letter writing campaign demanding justice! Just kidding…. 🙂