About Us

The Columbus Frassati Society follows in the footsteps of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, seeking to bring the whole person to Christ through adoration, study, community, charitable activity, and love of the outdoors. Young adults ages 21-35 in the Columbus area are welcome to join.

The goal of the Frassati Society is to encourage Christian maturation of the whole person, engaging the various dimensions of human totality in a shared Christian community, allowing young people to discover the deeply personal reality of Jesus Christ while growing in human friendship.

The specific activities of the group can take different forms according to the desires of the members, but the three major pillars of the Frassati Society are book discussion/prayer, service events, and outdoor activities. These three are supplemented organically by social events and cultural experiences like film viewings, museum tours, and the like.

The Frassati Society encourages peer leadership. Regular members are invited to take responsibility for specific activities, including arranging hikes and service projects, while all members are encouraged to suggest activities for the group to engage in. By giving young adults responsibility over the group’s events, they are challenged to grow in human and Christian leadership, taking ownership of their own faith and their desire to share it with others.

The Frassati Society is promoted and its activities made known by a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ColumbusFrassatiSociety), a mailing list accessed from the website, cooperation with the Diocese of Columbus, and word of mouth. The group has an e-mail address for ease of communication (columbusfrassatisociety@gmail.com). The Facebook page and e-mail account are administered by the Dominican friars and the peer leaders.

Within the dominant model of peer leadership, the role of the Dominican friars is to provide spiritual support and to ensure that the group moves in a healthy and organic way towards its goals. During the events, the friars facilitate the discussions, coordinate the adoration time, and guide the course of the evening. The brothers attend the service activities and hikes and when necessary help organize them. The goal of the friars’ presence is to facilitate the leadership and growth of the lay members of the group, encouraging their growth in Christian maturity through the shared encounter with Jesus Christ.

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