Camping this weekend!

Hello All,

We are camping this weekend (6/23-6/24) at Dillon State Park!  Sign up here by Thursday if you’d like to join us.  The trip costs $15 (cash / PayPal, “send money to a friend” / Venmo @sarahsfrassatiwallet) or $5-$10 if you’d like to join us for Mass and dinner at the campsite but don’t plan to overnight. 

Fr. Humbert has offered to say Mass for us Saturday night (he’s coming around 5pm), and we hope to see you there for Mass and dinner outdoors at Dillon State Park even if you can’t stay over.  If you end up being able to join us but can’t rsvp by Thursday – please still join us – just pack your own food and tent.

As always, call or text Sarah if you have trouble finding our group or have any last minute questions!

Camping Trip

9am Saturday, June 23rd – 1pm Sunday, June 24th

Location: Dillon State Park (5265 Dillon Hills Dr, Nashport, OH 43830)

Cost: $15 Cash/PayPal/Venmo

Leave Columbus with us for a weekend camp out at Dillon State park!  We’ll spend the day hiking, boating and swimming and overnight in campsites 184-185.  Mary Dannemiller has offered to grill for us, and $15 will cover our camping reservation plus plenty of snacks and dinner on Saturday.  Sign up here, and let us know if you have a tent you can share.  There is plenty of room to set up, and we’ll help coordinate if you don’t have one to bring.  If you’d like to come out for the day but don’t want to camp out, we’d love to have you.  We’re coordinating a carpool for over-nighters and day-trippers as well.  Please note it on our google doc or email us if you’d like to ride along with us or can take other to the park.  It’s about an hour away.  Update: we’ll fire up the grill once Saturday for dinner, so please pack a lunch.  We’ll have plenty of snacks throughout the day too!

Want to carpool?  We’ll meet up at 7:45am Saturday morning, and we’ll leave for the park around 8:15. Let us know by emailing if plan to meet up with us to drive together.

Reed Thompson has created a packing list for personal items everyone should consider bringing.  Take a look here:

Reed’s camping list

  1. Sleeping bag and bed sheet (you may want to sleep on top of your bag if it gets too warm at night)
  2. Sleeping pad/mat & pillow
  3. Water bottle!
  4. Extra pair of socks, shirt, shorts
  5. Pair of hiking boots/shoes that can get muddy
  6. Extra pair of shoes (in case one gets wet or to wear around the campsite)
  7. Rain jacket
  8. Long sleeve shirt (in case it gets cold at night)
  9. Sunscreen & insect repellent (we’ll provide some too)
  10. Swimming trunks / swimsuit
  11. Toiletry items
  12. Towel
  13. Hat/ball cap
  14. Flashlight
  15. Gallon ziplock bags (to put clothes/items into as a way of keeping them extra dry inside your pack)
  16. Camping chair
  17. Cash for boat rental/snacks @ park ($10-20)
  18. Lunch for Saturday