June Events: Spiritual

Thursday, June 1st, 7pm in Aquinas Hall: Frassati Sunday Scripture Study

Join the Columbus Frassati as Father Jerome discusses this Sunday’s Scripture readings and their spiritual applications. Handouts will be provided with Scripture verses and insights, but all are encouraged to bring their Bibles, as well as any questions they may have regarding the passages. Afterwards, we will socialize at a local pub to be determined.

Link to the readings below. Refreshments will also be provided for those in attendance. All are welcome!

Pentecost Sunday’s Readings
Thursday, June 8th, 7pm in Aquinas Hall: Continuing Adult Catechesis

After many years of teaching RCIA not to mention everything else, Fr. Boniface Endorf, OP, will begin sharing the fruits of his contemplation in a new adult catechesis series. The very first session on June 8th will be entitled “Christianity: A Bird’s Eye View”.  The talk will be 50 minutes long followed by a short break and Q&A.  For more information, see Pentecost Sunday’s parish bulletin, which can be found here:

St. Patrick Church Sunday Bulletins

Thursday, June 15th, 7pm in Aquinas Hall: How Could Hell Possibly Exist?

Dare we hope that all men be saved?  This is a serious question asked by a serious theologian.  How could hell possibly exist anyway?  Which one of you, wicked as you are, would wish eternal misery upon your worst enemy?  Even if you do (which is a serious sin, by the way…) how could He Who Is Love Himself positively will much less permit anyone to go there – even if the sinner himself or herself adamantly willed it?  What exactly does Sacred Scripture say about hell?  What exactly does the catechism say? What do we know for sure?  And what should we make of various visions of hell given to various saints and mystics (e.g., the children of Fatima, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Faustina, etc.) throughout the centuries?

These questions and more will (hopefully) be answered in Aquinas Hall on June 15th.  Refreshments at Claddagh’s will follow.

Monday, June 19th: Main Church and Aquinas Hall: Mass and a Meal

Mass and a Meal is a new Frassati event which we’re planning to hold on Mondays. Fr. Jerome will celebrate mass at 7pm and then we will have a potluck-style meal to follow in St. Patrick’s Patrick Hall. Patrick Hall will be open at 6:30pm for food drop off in Patrick Hall. Each month we’ll have a volunteer provide a ‘main course’ for the meal. The Core Team will work to provide the main course for the first month, but beverages, side dishes, and desserts will be left to those attending. Please fill out the form below with your RSVP and your potential dish contribution.

Mass and a Meal Sign-Up and RSVP

Thursday, June 22nd: Christ in the City: 7pm in the main church at St. Pat’s

Come adore Our Lord, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (when Fr. Jerome has time to give some spiritual direction as well if desired), be uplifted by beautiful Taize chant sung by our choir, and join us for Dominican night prayer.  Refreshments and karaoke at Claddagh (I tried to stop them) to follow.
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God bless,

Fr. Jerome